Agenda 20210506

New2Linux: Surprises after setup, BASIC: A retrospective and appreciation for Linux in 2021, and Providing a better video call experience

Agenda 20210107

Meeting Announcement Thursday January 7, 2021 Venue Virtual - via Jitsi Meeting Agenda Discussions The first part of the meeting will be a getting started stream as we expect there are a number of people who really don’t know how to get started and as a result, can’t even formulate what they want to ask since they are not sufficiently familiar with the system to do so. In order to provide a jump start, we are going to take a few people who are “New to Linux” through picking a distro from a very small set (to keep solutions similar), get them to install it, and them get them comfortable with using it. [Read More]

Agenda 20201203

Meeting Announcement Thursday December 3, 2020 Venue Virtual - via Jitsi Meeting Agenda Discussions This month is the annual scripting talk/open discussion. We have at least three items lined up and are hoping for some scripting items from the general membership, so feel free to volunteer a pet script or a scripting question. Scripting is a pretty open topic, not just limited to shells, but any scripting language is fair game. [Read More]